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Why Join TransConnect Alliance

Here are more reasons to Join TCA

Network of High-Quality Members

At TCA, we take pride in curating a network of industry leaders and innovators dedicated to excellence in logistics. As we continue to elevate standards and drive progress within the shipping and freight forwarding sector, we invite you to become part of our esteemed community of high-quality members.

Earth on Fire
Unlock Global Opportunities

As a member of TCA, you'll gain access to a vast network of industry-leading partners, opening doors to new markets, customers, and revenue streams worldwide. Harness the power of collaboration! Through TCA, you'll have the opportunity to forge strategic partnerships with like-minded companies, driving innovation, and unlocking new business opportunities together.

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Rigorous Standards for Trust and Security

At TCA, we cherish quality over quantity, prioritizing excellence in every aspect of our operations. Rest assured that your transactions are safeguarded and your interests protected. We pride ourselves on our rigorous standards, ensuring the utmost security and trustworthiness in every members, thereby ensuring a curated network that thrives on meaningful connections.

Admission As A Member

Our dedicated team of industry experts is here to support you every step of the way. From onboarding to ongoing assistance, we're committed to helping you succeed and thrive in today's competitive market.

Membership Fee

  • Membership fees: U$1,000.00 per member per year.

  • Sub-offices: U$500.00 per sub-office per year (Max 2 sub-offices per agent allowed).

  • Membership fees are to be paid immediately upon application.

Compulsory Financial Protection Plan (FPP) 
Yearly Contributions

  • U$500.00 per year per member.

  • U$250.00 per year per sub-office.

Find out more about our TCA FPP program.

Freight Protection Coverage

  • Claim amount set at maximum U$10,000.00 per eligible claim.

  • Maximum claim amount U$20,000.00 per annum per member.


  • Start-ups with a proven track record and strong financials and insurances are an asset to our network and its partners.

  • Thorough screening ensures the selection and acceptance of high-quality start-ups seeking partners worldwide to handle their business.

  • Members must demonstrate responsibility and take ownership; no ownership equals no membership.

  • Quality of members is prioritized over quantity.

Differentiated Approach

  • Unlike other networks, we conduct regular screening on member activity and reactivity.

  • A minimum level of cooperation within the network is required.

  • Cooperation surveys will be conducted and double-checked.

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