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Financial Consultation

Learn how our FPP protects our members from Bankruptcy.

The TCA Financial Protection Plan (FPP) is a fund controlled by our network that provides coverage to all our members against bankruptcy, insolvency, fraud, and bad debt.


Yearly contributions:

  • U$500.00 per year per member.

  • U$250.00 per year per sub-office.


Freight Protection Coverage:

  • Claim amount set at U$10,000.00 per eligible claim.

  • Maximum claim amount U$20,000.00 per annum per member.



  1. The FPP protects TCA members against unpaid invoices for commercial shipments owed by other TCA members in cases of bankruptcy or insolvency, not for disputed invoices.

  2. The FPP is compulsory for all members.

  3. Both origin and destination agents must be official TCA members.

  4. Head offices bear full financial responsibility for their branch offices.

  5. The FPP covers direct freight forwarding costs, excluding profits, interests, penalties, VAT, and other taxes. All invoices must be presented in case of claims.

  6. The FPP does not cover cargo or freight liability insurance, including customs penalties, warehouse charges, storage charges, demurrage costs, value of goods, duties/taxes, costs due to errors, omissions, or bankruptcy of a member.

  7. TCA cannot be held responsible for commercial or financial obligations not met by members.

  8. Members must settle debts within 30 days of invoicing or earlier for amounts exceeding U$5,000.00, unless mutually agreed otherwise.

  9. Claims must be filed within 90 days from the invoice date.

  10. Claims less than 60 days old will not be accepted.

  11. Expelled or suspended members lose protection immediately.

  12. To be eligible for the FPP, members must pay annual fees on time.

  13. Protection fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  14. Recipients must sign an agreement for future recoveries in favour of TCA FFP and declare accuracy of supporting documents.

  15. The board may hand over claims to FDRS or other official instances, and paid-out members must renounce debts in favour of TCA.

  16. TCA mediates cases via video-conferencing, correspondence, or document review.


 TCA's guideline for credit terms is within 30 days or latest within 45 days or earlier for amounts exceeding U$5,000.00, unless special terms are agreed upon between members. It is the responsibility of members to exercise due diligence and communicate clearly on payment terms.

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